This website is dedicated to all collectors or enthusiasts of small diecast Corvettes in all years makes and models made between 1/160th scale and 1/55th scale with special emphasis on 1/64th scale, basically all Corvettes measuring between 5/8 inch and 3 1/4 inches. I only collect free rolling Original Production Code 1 Corvettes or special limited edition Code 2 or Code 3 Corvettes. I do not collect prototypes, preproductions, base variations, friction Corvettes, electric slot car Corvettes, battery operated, errors, personalized, repainted customs or Corvettes that have been doctored up with logos and decals.

Code 1 Original production any model completely manufactured by original brand maker.

Code 2 Any model altered in part or in whole by relabeling or repainting or both by second party not associated with original manufacturer or maker,but is given the manufacturers full licensing approval.These cars are usually special limited editions with specific #'s made such as 100,200 etc.

Code 3 Any model repainted,relabeled or altered in any manner (without) manufacturers or makers licensing approval,examples are as follows, specific car clubs ,groups or car show events,these are also usually tied to a certain specific amount made.

My name is Rick Edwards and I have been fascinated with Corvettes since my early childhood. My older brother and my brother in law all owned Corvettes. As a child, I collected early redline hot wheels and played with them daily. When I turned 18 I purchased my first full scale Corvette, a 1976 red stingray for $7500.00. This was my baby. I held down 3 different jobs to pay for it. After that, my passion for Corvettes became incurable. I have owned 7 corvettes in my lifetime, in this order a 1976 Red Corvette Stingray, 1989 Charcoal Corvette, 1963 fuel injected Saddle Tan split window Corvette Stingray, 2003 commemorative edition Corvette, It's manufacture www.50thcommemorative.com, 2005 Lemans Blue C6 Corvette, 2006 505HP Z06 in Black. Lastly a Torch Red 2016 supercharged Z06 Corvette.

In 1998, when my first born child Ricky jr was 9 I got him interested in Hot Wheels we became hooked on these little cars that as a child I loved myself we would go to all kinds of die cast shows to collect these. In 2005 my second born child Ty at age 6 started collecting with me all different variations of Hot Wheels Corvettes. Our interest soon expanded to all brands of Corvettes from 1/160th to 1/55th scale in all variations of colors and tampos. I store all of my Corvette collection cars in plastic 108 car mirrored displays which hold cars up to 3 1/4" in length. This has now become a passion that the entire family has come to love. Including our most recent arrival Dylan (age 4 as of 2007).

I now have over 5000 different Corvettes in my collection and I believe I do have the largest most comprehensive collection in the world of small diecast Corvettes from 1/160th scale to 1/55th scale. This is quite a boast, but I feel once you have thoroughly checked out my complete website you too will become a believer.

I hope you enjoy this website as much as I do.

Ps: If you have any original production or special limited edition Corvettes that you do not see on this site, drop me a email. I might be interested in purchasing from you or at least adding a picture of the car to my website. Keep in mind I only collect original production cars or special limited edition Corvettes.

Contact me at rsrt@msn.com

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